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UK: Carwynnen Quoit to be rebuilt
Work to rebuild a collapsed ancient Cornish monument is due to start later. Carwynnen Quoit, or Giant's Quoit, a 5,000-year-old burial chamber near Troon, collapsed in 1966.

Ancient monument Carwynnen Quoit to be rebuilt
Archaeological digs have established how the monument
should be rebuilt [Credit: BBC]

The first stones are due to be re-erected by owners the Sustainable Trust which bought the site in 2009. The cap stone will be replaced on 21 June.

Restoration follows a series of archaeological digs to establish how the scheduled ancient monument should be reassembled.

Ancient monument Carwynnen Quoit to be rebuilt
Carwynnen Quoit before the collapse in 1966
 [Credit: BBC]

According to the trust, Carwynnen Quoit is among 12 similar monuments in Cornwall.

The burial chambers, also known as dolmens, are thought to have been covered in earth which has eroded over the years.

Source: BBC News Website [May 02, 2014]