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More Stuff: The Mausoleum of Valerius Romulus reopens in Rome
The mausoleum of 'Romulus' on Rome's ancient Appian Way reopened to visitors Monday after 20 years.

The Mausoleum of Valerius Romulus reopens in Rome
After 20 years the Mausoleo di Romolo reopens for the public and can be now visited 
without reservation [Credit: Roma Capitale]

The restored tomb stands within a grand sporting arena known as the Circus of Maxentius, itself part of a broader imperial complex built by the emperor Maxentius in the early fourth century AD.

It is thought to have been the burial place of Maxentius' son Valerio Romulus, who died prematurely in 309.

The Mausoleum of Valerius Romulus reopens in Rome
Inside the Romulus Mausoleum [Credit: Roma Capitale]

"I am proud to be able to restore an absolute jewel of our archaeological heritage to Romans and to the millions of tourists who visit Rome each year," mayor Ignazio Marino said.

"The reopening of the mausoleum of Romulus can certainly be considered another step towards realising our most ambitious aim: creating the world's biggest archaeological park, stretching from the slopes of the Capitoline hill in central Rome all the way here to the Appia," he continued.

The restoration of the tomb was part of a broader facelift at the site costing a total of 873,000 euros.

Source: ANSA [June 09, 2014]