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Heritage: German tourists arrested with Roman amphora
A German man and woman were arrested on Friday, 15th of August, at the airport of the Greek island of Milos, after an ancient amphora was found in their suitcase.

German tourists arrested with Roman amphora
The Roman amphora found in the luggage of the 
German couple [Credit: Ta Nea]

Both have been charged with the infringement of the Greek law pertaining to the Protection of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage.

Specifically, on Friday afternoon at the airport of Milos, a routine check carried out by airport officers of the couple's baggage revealed a Roman period amphora, 32.5 cm in height, the neck and handles of which were detached.

The artefact was confiscated and sent to experts for further evaluation.

The couple are to appear before a Greek court.

Source: Ta Nea [August 16, 2014]