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Heritage: Graeco-Thracian Temple in Starosel is falling apart
The Graeco-Thracian temple near the village of Starosel in central Bulgaria is falling apart and may not survive the winter, warned the village Mayor Ivan Zhutev, quoted by the Nova TV national channel.

Graeco-Thracian Temple in Starosel is falling apart
Detail of the entrance to the temple [Credit: Hristina Dimitrova]

The temple, uncovered by archaeologist Georgi Kitov and his team 15 years ago, is the largest on the Balkan peninsula and is visited by more than 30 000 tourists each year.

According to Zhutev the wooden supports at the anteroom are rotting and the dome of the temple is being destroyed by humidity.

In Zhotev's estimates the restoration and conservation of the temple would cost BGN 500 000. He said he had sent numerous letters to the Culture Ministry, which was supposed to set aside the sum five years ago.

Source: Novinite [October 18, 2014]