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Southern Europe: Roman site in Andalucia in jeopardy
One of Andalucia’s most important cultural sites, the Roman ruins at Acinipo, has been added to a ‘red list’ of at-risk assets by non-profit association Hispania Nostra.

Roman site in Andalucia in jeopardy
The Roman theatre of Acinipo [Credit: joguero/Flickr]

Dating back to the first century BC, Acinipo was a city created for retired soldiers from Caesar’s Roman legions.

Just 20km from Ronda, the Ibero-Roman settlement – which includes a Roman theatre still in use today – is known locally as Ronda la Vieja, or Old Ronda.

But constant pillaging, progressive deterioration and no conservative action from the Junta is said to be putting the site in jeopardy.

Isabel Maria Barriga, Ronda’s Councillor for Tourism, has again urged the Junta to take urgent action to save the site.

“We have presented an incredible variety of ideas for how to rescue the ruins, but the Junta seems to have other priorities that are not Ronda,” she said.

There are currently 605 monuments in a similar situation across Spain, according to Hispania Nostra, which was created in 1976 to preserve Spanish cultural heritage.

But with 72 ‘at-risk’ sites, Andalucia has the dubious honour of leading the pack.

Source: The Olive Press [October 08, 2014]

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