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UK: Google turns up Bronze Age site in south Devon
A treasure hunter has stunned archaeologists by locating an historic Bronze Age settlement – using the internet.

Google turns up Bronze Age site in south Devon
The fields in south Devon where Howard Jones found 
the Bronze Age site [Credit: SWNS]

Howard Jones shunned his usual methods of finding ancient communities – and simply used the mapping website Google Earth instead.

He trawled satellite images for the sort of terrain that would have offered food, water and shelter for a prehistoric settlement.

Mr Jones used Google's overhead mapping site to zoom in on fields and farmland before pinpointing a spot in the South Hams, Devon.

Google turns up Bronze Age site in south Devon
Howard Jones [Credit: SWNS]

The former Royal Marine then sought permission from the local landowner before heading there to scour for remains.

To his amazement he soon unearthed old flint tools, pottery shards and scraps of metal thought to date back 5,000 years.

Mr Jones called in Devon county archaeologist Bill Horner who carried out a geophysical survey using ground-penetrating radar equipment.

Google turns up Bronze Age site in south Devon
Some of the Bronze Age discoveries made in a Devon field 
by Howard Jones [Credit: SWNS]

The two men soon found two large buried structures that they believe are farm buildings dating back to the bronze or iron age.

Mr Jones, a commercial diver from Plymstock, Devon, said: "Night after night I looked at Google Earth asking myself the question, 'if I was alive 3,000 years ago where would I live?' After a few weeks I put an X on the map – that was where I would live."

Source: Western Daily Press [October 24, 2014]