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Heritage: Did the British loot the Amphipolis tomb in 1916?
Mr. Michalis Lefantzis, the architect who penned the schematics of the Kasta Tomb at Amphipolis for the Greek Ministry of Culture made a shocking revelation today, during the announcements dedicated to excavation results.

Did the British loot the Amphipolis tomb in 1916?
British soldiers of the 2nd King’s Shopshire Light Infantry posing with skulls 
excavated during the construction of trenches and dugouts in the
 area of Amphipolis [Credit: Protothema]

Citing historical evidence, Mr. Lefantzis told the journalists attending the presentation that a British brigade was planning to transfer to London 1,000 pieces of the monument precinct, along with the statue of the lion.

On the day of the transfer, Austrian and Bulgarian troops attacked the British convoy and, as a result, the barges sunk in the river Strymonas and the ancient artefacts were “saved”.

Mr. Lefantzis also revealed that several local residents have been secretly returning parts of the precinct which they kept as mementos in their homes!

Source: Protothema [November 29, 2014]