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Heritage: The Monemvasia Restoration Project
Monemvasia’s unconquered Upper Town which hosted nobles and aristocrats during the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods in southern Greece, is now ruined, dilapidated and covered with vegetation. However, the Peloponnesian town is about to regain its lost glory after restoration works started recently.

The Monemvasia Restoration Project
Aghia Sofia (12 c. AD) Byzantine church at Monemvasia [Credit: © Greek Ministry of
 Culture and Tourism, Directorate of National Archive of Monuments]

According to the news, the Greek Ministry of Culture has conducted research to determine the needs and cost of the town’s restoration and has included the working projects in ESPA funding.

The restoration procedures are moving at a quick pace and the Temple of Panagia Hodegetria in the Upper Town has been cleaned already. The contracts for the projects “Restoration and Lightening of Chrisafitsa Square” and “Restoration of the Church of Agia Sofia, or the Holy Temple of Panagia Hodegetria” have been assigned recently.

The Monemvasia Restoration Project
Traditional houses in Monemvasia [Credit: WikiCommons]

The restoration of the East Side Wall is also in progress alongside the works aiming to promote the central gate and the region around Agia Sofia church. At the same time, the restoration of the Holy Churches of Panagia Myrtidiotissa and St Anna is taking place in Monemvasia town.

The restoration work includes the removal of vegetation to reveal the road network and the buildings’ outlines, as well as plenty of research and excavation projects to establish the initial forms of the buildings and repair the most significant landmarks of the town.

Culture Ministry’s Secretary General Lina Mendoni stated that “the completion of the project is essential to protect and highlight cultural heritage and give a boost to the local and peripheral economy and growth.”

For more information on Monemvasia, see Wikipedia

Author: Theodora Matsaidoni | Source: Greek Reporter [June 29, 2014]

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