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Heritage: Seven containers of antiques seized in Egypt
The Harbour Police Department at the Red Sea port of Safaga, 53 kilometers south of Hurghada, seized 28 ancient artifacts, thousands of antique stamps and rare manuscripts that were found in seven containers, according to the Ministry of Antiquities Tuesday.

Seven containers of antiques seized in Egypt
The containers of medieval artifacts [Credit: YOUM7]

The containers were shipped from Dubai to the Egyptian port of Safaga, addressed to an unnamed Egyptian businesswoman, according to the statement.

“Officials from the Archaeological Unit for Confiscated Antiquities (AUCA) thought the containers were suspicious and when they opened them, they found a variety of medieval antiques including coins, frames, and jewelry along with thousands of antique stamps bearing photos of royal members of Mohamed Ali Dynasty (1805-1952.)” Ahmed Al Rawy, head of the AUCA told The Cairo Post Tuesday.

Sixteen Egyptian, Yemeni, Spanish and Canadian antique coins, 8 wooden frames adorned with floral motifs, a set of 16 pieces of jewelry carved with the royal family theme, several burqas and lanterns along with 65 albums containing thousands of stamps are among the seized items, he said.

“The seized items were confiscated, they will be examined by a committee of specialists in preparation for displaying them in their affiliated museums,” Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty stated Tuesday.

As for the other seized foreign items, Damaty said his ministry is currently coordinating with the embassies of countries to which these items belong in order to discuss legal ways to repatriate them.

Author: Rany Mostafa | Source: The Cairo Post [October 21, 2014]

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