Cultural Postcards [2016-05-15

  • UK: Carwynnen Quoit rebuild completed

  • UK: Deserted medieval villages designated 'Ancient Monuments'

  • Heritage: Egyptian police recover looted royal mummy

  • Heritage: Antiquities looted by Nazis to be repatriated to Greece

  • Syria: Syrian cultural heritage a victim of war in Rome exhibition

  • Italy: Rome seeks 31 mln euros to save Nero's palace

  • Iraq: Looters in Iraq cash in on global black market

  • South America: Sweden returns pre-Incan funeral shroud to Peru

  • Israel: 'Smoking gun' ancient coins looted from excavations

  • More Stuff: The “wonderful rubbish” of the Gilf Kebir desert

  • Society: The Tibetan lama who wrote a world geography

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