Cultural Postcards [2016-05-22

  • Heritage: 50 per cent of Lahore Mughal baths excavated

  • North America: Remains of ancient child reburied in Montana

  • Heritage: American Museum transfers eight illicitly trafficked antiquities to Nigeria

  • Italy: Restoration begins on Trevi Fountain

  • Heritage: Aboriginal cave art 'only few years old'

  • Heritage: The Monemvasia Restoration Project

  • Iraq: Iraqi jihadists seize 'Exorcist' temple at Hatra

  • Southern Europe: Greece begins new campaign for Parthenon Sculptures

  • South America: Spain returns stolen archaeological pieces to Colombia

  • Heritage: UNESCO to send experts to examine possible wreck of 'Santa Maria'

  • Heritage: Ancient bronze vase returned to China after a century

  • Heritage: World Heritage List reaches 1000 sites

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