Cultural Postcards [2016-07-24

  • Heritage: Petrified forest of Lesvos nominated for a UNESCO site

  • Near East: Auctioneer discovers Egyptian coffin lid in wall

  • More Stuff: 'East of the Wallace Line: Monumental Art from Indonesia and New Guinea' at Yale University Art Gallery

  • Near East: Construction work damages ancient tombs in Istanbul

  • South East Asia: Thailand to help Burma conserve ancient cities

  • UK: 1,800-year-old Roman site up for sale in Co Durham

  • Central Asia: Archaeologists still scrambling to save Mes Aynak

  • Near East: Archaeologists fight to save Syria’s artifacts

  • Italy: Riace bronzes not to be displayed at Milan Expo 2015

  • India: After July landslide, Indian heritage monuments may be at risk

  • Heritage: Police foil 'underwater' antiquities theft attempt

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