Cultural Postcards [2016-08-21

  • Middle East: Priceless Iraqi artefacts hit black market

  • Heritage: Archaeological heritage remains vulnerable in Swat due to govt disinterest

  • Heritage: Thousands of archaeological sites in northwest Pakistan yet to be registered

  • Heritage: Elderly Greek man arrested after discovery of antiquities hoard

  • UK: Treasure hunter discovers 22,000 Roman coins

  • Near East: Call for U.N. to ban trade in Syrian antiquities

  • Heritage: UNESCO seeks answers from Egypt on 'damaged' pyramid

  • Travel: Berlin's Pergamon Altar to close for five year restorations

  • India: Unearthed idols dated to the 15th century

  • UK: Medieval court to be rebuilt in Wales

  • Near East: Hadrianopolis mosaics restoration nears completion

  • More Stuff: Diocletian's Baths reopen to public after restoration

  • Italy: Italy to return 80 ancient coins to Greece

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