Cultural Postcards [2016-09-04

  • UK: Burnt Magna Carta read for first time in 283 years

  • Near East: Ancient Assyrian port at dam site to be relocated

  • Indonesia: Indonesia pledges to protect ancient cave paintings

  • Heritage: The Erechtheion soon to open to visitors

  • Italy: Italian police unveil recovered art

  • Heritage: Antique coin smugglers busted at Cairo airport

  • Southern Europe: Roman site in Andalucia in jeopardy

  • Southern Europe: UNESCO referees return of Parthenon Sculptures

  • Heritage: ‘The Histories’ by Herodotus: An open enquiry

  • Near East: Antiquities collections victims of Gaza conflict

  • Recommended Reading: Tracing our ancestors at the bottom of the sea

  • Italy: Ancient cities and new politics in southern Italy

  • Heritage: Two Russians arrested for damaging Acropolis wall

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