Cultural Postcards [2016-09-18

  • UK: Kingsmead Quarry finds declared 'treasure'

  • Near East: Medusa to gaze once more from mosaic

  • Heritage: Grave robbers plunder ancient Danish burial sites

  • Heritage: Young experts bring fresh ideas to Egypt. archaeology

  • East Asia: 120 arrested, 1,300 relics seized in Zhejiang's ‘biggest ever’ tomb-raiding case

  • More Stuff: Nero’s Domus Aurea to reopen on Sunday in Rome

  • Near East: Egyptian sarcophagus found in Essex house

  • Heritage: Seven containers of antiques seized in Egypt

  • Near East: Turkey wants sarchophagus back from the Swiss

  • More Stuff: Most Britons want to see Parthenon Marbles back in Athens

  • Heritage: Egypt recovers ancient artefacts from London

  • Heritage: Graeco-Roman Museum of Alexandria to be restored

  • More Stuff: "As a Briton, I hang my head in shame. We must return the Parthenon marbles" says journalist

  • Heritage: Graeco-Thracian Temple in Starosel is falling apart

  • Heritage: Australian rock art threatened by lack of conservation

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