Cultural Postcards [2016-09-25

  • UK: Iron Age battle site in Gloucestershire preserved

  • Heritage: Tampering with ancient statues at Jualian stupa alleged

  • Underwater Archaeology: Vietnam salvager says ancient coins looted from shipwreck

  • Italy: Ben-Hur villa at risk of demolition in Rome

  • Jordan: Tomb raiders in Jordan descend on ancient crypts

  • Heritage: Egypt retrieves 950 artefacts stolen from Al-Minya

  • Southern Europe: Sistine chapel undergoes technological makeover

  • Pakistan: Artefacts stolen from Balochistan recovered in Italy

  • Heritage: Locals busted digging up temple under house in Giza

  • Space Exploration: One giant leap for preservation: Protecting Moon landing sites

  • UK: Google turns up Bronze Age site in south Devon

  • Morocco: Fossil treasures at risk in Morocco's remote eastern desert

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