Cultural Postcards [2016-11-06

  • Heritage: Temple of Artemis in Vavrona flooded

  • Near East: Ancient Greek sacred road to now serve Turkish tourism

  • Middle East: Germany to crack down on antiquity theft by ISIS

  • More Stuff: Tunisia adopts measures to safegaurd ancient Carthage

  • Near East: US returns ancient artefacts to Turkey

  • India: Carbon soot particles, dust blamed for discoloring India's Taj Mahal

  • Peru: Greenpeace apologizes for protest at Peru's Nazca Lines

  • India: Quarrying destroys megalithic dolmens in Thrissur

  • Palaeontology: Dinosaur 13 and fossil protection on US public lands

  • Travel: Unique Roman-era bath in Central Anatolian town

  • India: Prehistoric rock art sites under threat in India

  • Israel: Antiquities robbers caught red-handed in Dead Sea Cave

  • Southern Europe: Parthenon sculpture leaves Britain for the first time

  • Heritage: Imperial Household Agency loosens up on access to Osaka burial mound

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